Scale up album booklet display

Album booklets are displayed tied inline in a static fixed frame in no way scaling up/down.

Wish is to have booklets untied from the main window and scalable for improved reading of small booklet text or images and reading booklets while navigating in the music libs.
Many thanks.

Cmd + or - i think it works, no? On a Mac at least ( not home to verify now)

Sorry, Windows here. Anyway, the usual Ctrl+/- function doesn’t work.

Just to confirm that it works on a Mac… sorry PC users

Just testing it in Windows (Audirvana Origin) it works in Windows too with Ctrl +/- and with Ctrl Mouse wheel up and down:

So there is no need to apologize :smiley:

See my post above. Windows 11 user here. Ctrl +/- and Ctrl - Mouse wheel works.
To be clear: I am looking at *.pdf (album booklet) files in Audirvana Origin. No problems with zooming.

Alright, sometimes it needs another night of sleep to understand or find the solution.

There is a slider in the top bar for scaling of the booklet. See pics of @AndyLubke. Then, I managed to scale up with the touch pad on the notebook. However, Ctrl-+/- keys still don’t work on my side.

Ah yes! I completely forgot to mention the slider :). I was testing this on a desktop computer with a mouse and a separate keyboard with numeric keypad. On this system Ctrl + Mousewheel and Ctrl +/- work fine.