Screen information while music playing

Good morning everyone,

When playing a song in Studio there are two places bit and sample rate are displayed on the bottom - on the bottom left and on the bottom right. I am using a DAC. Can someone tell me the difference between the two? Is the one on the left what is leaving the software and the one on the right what is leaving my DAC to go to my speakers? Thanks, have a great day.

The one on the bottom left is the original sample rate of the source you are using. For instance if you are playing a CD quality flac file it will show 16 / 44.1.

The one on the bottom right is the signal the DAC is receiving/processing. For instance if you upsample everything to 24 bit 192 Khz (in the Audirvana output settings) this will show 24 / 192.

Great thanks. My DAC is an MQA renderer and it lights purple as designed when playing an MQA master from Tidal. Typically it will show 24/44 on the left and 24/88 on the right. So leaving my laptop and into my DAC it is 24/88 and then the DAC does its thing from there. Is that right?

One weird thing I have noticed. On some MQA masters on the left will have 24/192 then on the right it is 24/96. Not sure why that is. In any event it all sounds great. Qobuz typically is the same on both left and right. Thanks,

I don’t use MQA myself, but the whole unfolding thing in MQA is quite a confusing/unclear topic. In this Audirvana forum and also in the Roon forum there are lots of topics about it and also much confusion and unclarity. Sorry, can’t help you there, I am afraid :grinning: