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Anyone else having problems scrolling through their local artist collection on an iPhone (7)?
I find that if I scroll too quickly (and also not so quickly occassionaly) that my display reverts back to the beginning, A.
Very annoying when you’re looking for an artist at the lower end of the alphabet, made even more wearisome by the fact the search function is very slow.

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iPhone 11, Yes I see the issue as well. Iphone remote app is getting an update next couple of days so let’s see if it gets sorted

It is not an issue with iPad Pro

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Hello @Ironz and @OffRode, the 3.2 version of the Remote is now live, can you try to reproduce your issue on this version?

Hi @Antoine Issue is still present with latest update. iPhone 11 iOS 15.2
Thanks for the follow up, Have a good holiday

How many artist do you have? Can you send a screenshot of your Remote while you have the issue?

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Sent to support email

Morning @Antoine. Many thanks for the update as it seems to have resolved the issue (for me at least).
I was actually wondering if the problem was due to the age/proccessing power of my phone, but as @OffRode is still having issues with a newer model obviously not.

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That’s done it, All’s good here

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Mine is good now. Had to delete and reinstall on iPhone

Bravo team Audirvāna

Excellent @OffRode :+1:

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