Scrolling on Surface Pro 7

On the main library page touch scrolling does not work. Once you are in an album scrolling works. So unless you are using a keyboard (I am not) you cannot scroll through your library content. Even with the pen The scrolling is very hit or miss and very difficult to do. It makes the application unusable.

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Thanks for posting this.
This problem makes the Surface Pro barley useable.

Bump…still not able to scroll on main library via touch screen on the Surface Pro 7.

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Maybe you could make the side scroll bar 4 or 5 pixles wide so that fingers can be used to scroll

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Please look into this problem,


Is there a chance you guys look into this?

Still doesn’t work…

Hello @palldat and @Gustav1 , we have not find time to take a look at this but will surely do as it is in our backlog.


Still no solution for this. At least make the scroll bar wider so we can use our finger to scroll that way.

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Any news? This needs still to be fixed.

I’d also like to see this addressed. It’s a great application, but the touch support could use some love. It’s the only thing that keeps me looking for other streaming/playback solutions.

Hello, any update on this bug ? I have the same problem with my Surface Pro 6/Win11 : touch scrolling works well on album’s detail page and on Qobuz main menus (Discover, Playlists, Favorites, etc). On many other pages (playlists, album lists by genre/artists/etc, favorites) it is very painfull to use unless you’ve got a mouse.

No…that is horrible

Apr '22… the backlog seems to be pretty thick… :slight_smile:
so, i’m not counting on the option to get my Artist albums to be listed
first to last instead of last to first soon :frowning:

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Really…Roon’s interface is so much more advanced. Interaction is one of the most important features. Why would you not advance it?

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