Scrolling position is not saved for undo

When in a set of successive interactions a list is scrolled (for example a list such as MyMusic/Albums or Qobuz/Favorites/Artists or Qobuz/Albums or Local/Albums - maybe other lists …), the position in the list is not saved: so, when one undoes (using the back button <), the position is reset at the beginning of the list and no to the position where one scrolled.
Imagine having painfully navigated through a large list to find an album, then viewing the tracks for that album, then using the back button to continue scrolling through the list you have to start over from the beginning of the list! Navigation becomes unuseable.


@Damien is there a chance that this problem will be taken into account soon?

Hello @Alain1,

Are you using the latest version of Audirvāna Studio?

Hello @Antoine ,
Yes, I use the 1.10.2 version.
To be precise, the problem is corrected for Qobuz/Favorites but remains for MyMusic/albums and Local/albums (I told this to Audirvana support on Dec 23th).

Are you on MacOS or Windows? Because I’m running MacOS Big Sur and it works for MyMusic/albums and Local/albums.

I am on Monterey 12.1.
I test it again right now , just after restarting AS (using MyMusic/Albums and Local/Albums) : the problem is there

As Alain1 described, under local albums view, it has been returning to the beginning of the list since the release of AS. It has always been correct with 3.5 and earlier. The only time it stays in position is when a local track is actually playing. I sent this issue to support quite a while ago. BTW, the original version stays where it was left when re-launching, whereas AS always returns to Favorites view.

Magic ! Corrected on AS 11.1.0 . Thanks.

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