Search Doesn't Find Qobuz in Audirvana Windows App

Search is only finding local music in the Windows app version 2.1.0. Search does find Qobuz tracks/artists/albums in the remote (whether used with Windows or MacOS version of the app) and in the MacOS 2.1.0 app.

Hi @Jud,

Can you send a screenshot when you are doing the search?

Will do, @Antoine . It may not be until tomorrow, as we’re hosting friends for the holiday here today. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating, and happy Audirvāna Thursday to everyone else! :blush:


Hi @Antoine. My apologies for not getting to this until today. Attached are screenshots of the identical search in the Windows and Mac apps. Note there’s a line through the search icon next to the Qobuz heading in the Windows app sidebar.

Jud, click on the magnifying glass next to Qobuz on sidebar, remove the line thru it to enable the search function.


Thanks, thought I had tried this, but maybe not! Will try it later today when I have a moment.

Yep, simply clicking the search icon works to “turn it back on.” Don’t I feel stupid! :upside_down_face: Thanks!


We all have our moments. I know I mess up sometimes :innocent:

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Sometimes I have to do this even don’t deactivate it. It seems for some unknown reasons searching thru Qobuz is automatically disabled sometimes. But the fix is simple - a single click.

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