Search finding albums but not tracks

Local search, synchronized with itunes.
Searching for Popa Chubby, Audirvina says that I have 4 albums but no tracks. Any thoughts on what could cause this / how to fix it?

Go to your Popa Chubby album and check the tracks meta data, the field “artist” is probably empty. enter “Popa Chubby” manualy in the “artist” field, and it will show up in your search result.

Hello @pbgalvin, have you tried to edit your metadata like AlainJ suggested?

Hi. No, in the album view, looking at the tracks, they have the artist set appropriately. For example:

When viewed in itunes I see the albums appropriately and when I search it shows me the tracks as well as the albums etc…

iTunes is really different on how it is sorting files and using metadata. Can you check if you have something in the “sort as” section of Audirvana?
To do this, you can use the track details panel (Icon label :label: after selecting a track)

32 bits / 44khz is that regular for .wav ?

No, this is a high res track