Search function implemented

I ask if is possible to integrate better the search function.
When I search something I have to choose before ,for example from my library, qobuz or tidal ,before search.
Shouldn’t be better to search in all my data base and cloud storage and the tell me where is my album/songs ,so I can play from where I prefer.
In this way I could see witch cloud storage or my library has the albums and it’s all variations ,it’s more simple ,isn’t it ?


Makes sense, this is a good suggestion. Maybe like additional tab (selection) called “all”.

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And put “ALL” in one place with the albums are flagged like library “mine” ,qobuz,tidal and its variations, for example bit samples.
I suggest to display the album with a little badge inside ,qobuz tidal, and an Icon from my library. If not possible, put it near the album to easly found where is it.
Tks Giovanni.