Search not working

Perhaps it’s me. The search icon does nothing. Is this a current bug that’s being worked on? I use search extensively when using Tidal. Is there a timeline as to when it will work? Search is a very important part of Audirvana.

The “magnifying glass” search icons to the right of My Music, Radio, Podcast etc… do not prompt a search.
Once the user has entered the search criteria in the box at the top, they can be clicked to cancel the display of that type of source from the selection returned by the search.
Using them seriously de-clutters the very disjointed display of search results.

Since the magnifying glass is the universal symbol for search, it makes no sense to have it not function that way.

Just trying to help.
The title of your thread is “Search not working”
It works.
Clearly it does so in a fashion you disapprove of.
Fair enough.

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No. It works and after it was explained to me, I understood it. Thanks for your concern.