Search operators

Is it possible to use search operators like AND, or + etc
a. in Audirvana and
b. in Audirvana Remote?
If so, which and where can I find this?

Hello @ThijsA,

Can you explain a little more about this? I would like to better understand what do you mean.

Dear Damien,
What I would like to query is (in both Audirvana Plus and Audirvana Remote) for instance Beethoven+Pianoconcert, or Bártòk+BB87a. I now have to achieve this via filtering.

Something different, though related to this subject, I noted that a “.” is not accepted in queries. For instance when i query “Sz.120”, no results appear, however when I query “Sz[space]120”, the concerto is found. Same for "or “op.nnn”
Hope to have made myself clear and looking forward to your response.

Thank you for this precision. In fact you are right, the point is not supported for searching but you can use the + to make your search instead.

Thank you for your reply. I queried beethoven+130. The result is shown in the first screenshot (namely nothing)
The second screenshot shows the file I was looking for i.e. *Beethoven’*s String Quartet op.130.
What I am doing wrong?

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

The way you want to make a search is not supported by the operator. You can instead use filters that you can have in audirvana with a specific composer to find your music easily.

Thank you for your reply. I think that for large collections this might be a very useful addition to Audirvana

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Just to give you an idea: in one Genre (Classical) I have 928 composers or 2560 artists to manually select from, which is a bit of a drag