Search problem Monterey

Last night I installed Monterey. A new bug appeared after installing: After searching for e.g. a title I get a list of hits (as expected). If I then click on “see all” the screen remains blank except for small print “Albums for: “search item””.
Any ideas how this can be solved?


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Am I the only one?! I am using a Mac mini I7 2018 with Monterey 12.0.1


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No you have company, I sent a note to Antoine couple days ago about the text being clipped off at the bottom. I’m thinking they are working on it.

I have the same search problem on my mac mini with Monterey. Also when i want to add some files to an existing playlist, no succes. But i found an escape: with the Remote app for Audirvana, I can do a search and get the correct answer. Also with the Remote I can add items to a playlist. After that these additions appear on the mac mini in the playlist.