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I have been using and enjoying Studio for several days and, while it has taken some getting used to, I find I am beginning to appreciate the integration between my local library (3,950 tracks) and Qobuz.

There are a couple of changes I’d like to see to the Search function that would make it much more pleasant to use:

My test case is searching for “The Eagles”.

  1. The first thing I see are listings for “Radios” and “Podcasts”. I don’t care about either one. I really want the ability to toggle these two categories OFF in preferences so they don’t clutter up my screen.

  2. On the top row under Qobuz I click on “Eagles” and see the Qobuz Eagles screen - which includes the description, list of similar artists, Top Tracks - all good so far, and then “Albums from Qobuz” shows me 1 row of 10 albums, none of which are by the Eagles. Talk about some obscure junk I will never be interested in, such as “Disco Fever, Hotel California” . It’s even worse searching for “The Beatles” - I have to scroll past 100 (!) non-Beatles albums before I see their albums.

I tried the same searches using the Qobuz app and the real albums are listed first with all the worthless matches pushed to the bottom so I know it can be done,

Fixing these two items would really improve my opinion of the switch to a subscription model.


This is due to Qobuz API. We can sort by release date but we can’t sort by relevance as it’s possible on their apps. And if you check a little bit their app you will see that if you sort by release date, you will see albums from 2021 next to 2014. This means they are using a different API than the one they give to their partners.

Thanks for your quick response.

I understand I can turn-off the podcast and radio search results but it would be much better if that switch were sticky - so I wouldn’t have to turn those items off for every search.

As for the sorting - that makes sense, thanks for the info.

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I agree with you. I have asked @Antoine for similar things in my post: Cosmetic concers, but i have had no answer or comment yet: :frowning_face: I hope he will consider this request.

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