Search & Selecting all found albums to add to a Playlist

What I want: after having created a Playlist I do a search for all the albums of an artist. Audirvana (on the Mac) responds by giving a number of albums. Till now I have to select every album one by one to add that to my created Playlist. More easy would be when I can select all the albums at once and add them to my Playlist. Is this possible?
Thanks, Syrinx

Try doing a smart playlist and add a field that contains artist xxx

thank you RunHomeSlow, that will do.
it works. But Smart Playlists are loading much slower than ‘normal’ Playlists. I see a smart Playlist as a search with one or more filters. a normal Playlist works fast.
What I do now: first I create a smart Playlist to collect all the albums I want in a normal Playlist. When my smart Playlist contains the albums I was looking for, I create a normal Playlist and drag the albums of the smart Playlist one by one in this new created normal Playlist. After that I delete the smart Playlist.
In previous versions of Audirvana, when I had collected a number of albums of an artist or a genre or whatever, there was, when I remember well, a small circle in the right corner. When that circle was selected, all the collected albums were at once selected and I could handle them as one unit, much more easy than selecting them one by one to move them into a Playlist. Why is that possibility gone now?
thanks, Syrinx

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