Searching and Selecting on (Qobuz) Very Slow or Stops Altogether

Searching and Selecting (Qobuz) Albums Very Slow or Just Stops Altogether. Once a song is selected, it plays just fine, but then when selecting another album, search just stops, or takes 5 min to populate. Using PC / Windows 10 .

Hi @Hsc2000,

Thank you for your post. Do you still have this issue as of 2023-07-30T22:00:00Z?

As of today (7/31) search and play seems to be lightening fast! I sure hope it stays this way. Did something get updated on Audirvana?
FYI…Last night (7/30) it took 4 min for any search to populate, then when an album / song was selected, it would take at least another 30 to 60 seconds to start playing. Night time was the absolute worst! Thank you

Sorry for this, note that Qobuz servers tends to have some hard time depending on the time of the day you try to use it. If you still get this slowness, it’s maybe because of a bottleneck on their servers.

So sorry, I was not checking the community site as often as I should have. No, the search on Audirvana did NOT get any faster. For example, yesterday…all day it was really fast, and I could look up an artist / song and have it ready before the current song stopped however: every night after 8pm CST, a search will not even load up before the current song ends. Waiting several minutes between songs for the search to complete, is not a fun experience. Any other internet functions such as two computers on line, streaming to my TV, etc. are not affected, and just as fast during the evening as they are during the day. Seems to me, that Audirvana gets way more traffic at night, but their servers are just not up to the job. Thank you

When you search from Qobuz in Audirvāna Studio, you ask the Qobuz server for the search, not our server. If you try to use an app with Qobuz embedded in it like Bubble UPNP if you have a Android device, do you get the same slowness?

Got it on the Qobuz server being the source… Well, I’m not familiar BubbleUPNP or “an app with Qobuz imbedded”? That being said, I now have the Qobuz App (as well as Ardirvana remote) down loaded to my Android device. Over the next few nights, I will test the search on my 1) My PC with Qobuz vs Audirvana, and 2) Qobuz vs Audirvana on my Android cell. Will update accordingly. Thanks for your quick response!

I talk about third party apps (not the Qobuz app, you download for your PC or smartphone) like those you can find here:

So, I will now educate myself on BubbleUPNP, how it works with Audirvana, application, etc. Once I work through that, I’ll report comparison results as soon as possible. Thanks again

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