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I don’t understand the search function in Audirvana when I search inside Qobuz. If I search for Leonard Cohen it finds a whole bunch of albums with different artists first and then the Cohen albums.
I also have Roon and when you make the same search you get all of Cohens albums first and after that all the various artists.
Is there any way you can improve the search mode in Audirvana?
I’m not interested in various artists that made covers of Cohen albums.

So you get different results than this in Roon for Leonard Cohen?

Aah now I know what I’ve been doing wrong. I clicked on Qobuz and Leonard Cohen after the search result and not All Albums :smiley:

But my search window doesn’t look like yours??

Edit: hehe I see now that the other window was Qobuz :joy:

But aren’t you supposed to click at the artist you have searched for to get to the albums??

If you click on the artist picture, you are going to the artist page, the same goes for Qobuz app, you have the choice to see all of the album that are related to your search and if you click on the artist icon, you will be brought to the artist page.

I understand the result you get in the artist page of Qobuz can be a bit disturbing but they give us the possibility to only sort by release date. However I will need to check with Damien if they have now more sort option on the API we have if there is not a possibility to display the artist album in the artist page in a better way.

Ok thanks for clarifying it for me Antoine!

Hi @Antoine - I have noticed that in the Qobuz app (Windows 11), there does appear to be a “Sort by relevance” option now. Until recently, the artist page on the app was similar to the results in Audirvana, so I don’t think it was there until the last update or two of the app itself. This might be a new option for the API.

I have similar missorts. Using the remote:

  • search
  • artist of choice
  • click on the correct results for artist (Qobuz)
  • click on albums for that artist

Results sometimes are as described above. The appears on often times comes first, rather than the artists albums first.

This appears to work and not work properly, depending on the artist.

I have similar results in macOS - search for “Eagles” click on Qobuz Artist Eagles, screen shot of the results with Albums From Qobuz showing non-Eagles first. Clicking on Show All lists non-Eagle albums first with no sort options.

Seems like Qobuz should fix their API since Audirvana Studio is how I and quite a few of their subscribers access their service.

(Later: I finally found a contact form on the Qobuz web page and sent them an inquiry related to their album sorting)

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Hello everyone, I can confirm you this will be fixed in the next update of Audirvāna Studio.



Super - Thanks!

Thanks @Antoine

It works much better now.

Merci :smiley:

But there is no update yet?

Audirvana Studio has very recently been updated to version 1.8.7. Go to settings \ My Account and click ‘check for updates’.

Mine says up to date and I’m on 1.8.5

If you are still on 1.8.5. and can not update, maybe send a mail to

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Mac’s are still on 1.8.5, they will be updated this week…