Searching TIDAL within Studio

I can’t seem to find how to do this. For instance to pull up all the Rolling Stone’s albums.

Can anyone help?

Upper left corner, to limit your search parameters click the little magnifying glass next to radios and local, this will eliminate them from your results.

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Thanks for the response, OffRode. I noticed that a magnifying glass appears next to TIDAL when I click the magnifying glass at top left, but I can’t enter anything into the one next to Tidal. Am I doing it right?

I don’t have Tidal anymore, but it should work the same way as with Qobuz. In the search box type in what you are looking for. In this case Rolling Stones.

Then click on the magnifying glass next to radio’s, podcasts and local files so only Tidal shows up.
Then click on Album See all option.

That should do it.

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Enter your search criteria into the box at top left next to the magnifying glass, eliminate any sources you don’t need by putting the line through them (radio, podcast, local)

Thanks again, OffRode. That did it!

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