Searching with criteria

It would be great to be able to look up big collections (such as online streaming services) with a more precise interface.

For instance, i want to listen to find recording Beethoven’s quartets in Qobuz, but if I type “Beethoven quartets” in the search bar what I get is mostly recordings of anything (Mostly Chostakovitch) by an ensemble named “Beethoven Quartet”.

I wish there was a possiblity to specify whether what youŕe looking for is a composer, a performer or a title.

There is a general tendency to program minimalist UIs. They surely look sleek but it makes no sense if they lack features.

Windows Media Player has a feature like that.

Hello @Jean-Xavier_Bardant,

If you are searching in Audirvana for Qobuz tracks then you are using the Qobuz search engine.
This kind of feature is implemented in the Qobuz App but they don’t allow their partner to use it for the moment.

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