See folder names in Library

I have a lot of carefully named folders with wav files from non commercial recordings. These have been ripped from CD via windows media player which has called all the wavs ‘unknown artist’ and ‘unknown album’, which is fine except that in Audirvana library all these named folders show up as ‘unknown artist’ and ‘unknown artist’. All I want in Audirvana is to be able to see the name of the folder with the wavs in, as I would do in windows. Am I missing something here? is there an easy way to do this???
All thoughts most welcome.

Convert to FLAC and add the metadata? If the path/file naming is consistent, adding the metadata could be done semi-automatically or even scripted.
I’d do it with foobar2000 on windows, but that’s just one option.
Probably no trivial solutions.

I think you should be in tracks list view and add the field ´audio file location’ to the tracks window, and sort them by that field after

Yes .wav and .dff s*cks for tagging :grinning:

right click with mouse anywhere in the titles field to add whatever you want…

Thanks for this. I’ve just worked out how to edit the artist and album titles in Foobar, but it’s a bit of a tedious thing to have to do for lots of folders!
All I want to do is see the names of the folders in Audirvana library…

I’d do it with foobar because it’s very good at semi-automation… Select a whole tree, open the properties, from there, Tools -> Automatically fill values, and Other… as the source. After this, it gets a bit interesting.

Source: Other… $directory(%path%,2)|%directoryname%|$left(%filename%,2)|$substr(%filename%,4,64)
%album artist%|%album%|%tracknumber%|%title%

You’ll have to experiment a bit.


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Thanks also for this! Good trick in tracks view - shows the parent folder, which is useful, but there’s an awful lot of tracks to scroll through!! Still shows as unknown in the album view. Guess I’m just going to have to relabel everything.

+1 for Foobar2000 for library management. It’s not pretty, hard to setup and confusing at first, but with a bit of study, the plugin components are incredibly powerful.