Sélection sortie audio et microRendu

Je viens d’installer la version d’essai d’Audirvana.

La selection de sortie audio indique bien la présence d’un Sonore microRendu, mais il est impossible de cocher et de selectionner le microRendu comme sortie.

Que faire ?

Cela fonctionne normalement sous Daphile ou sous Roon.

Bien cordialement,

Bonjour @Bluevelvet, utilisez-vous la version Windows10 ou MacOS d’Audirvana?

J’utilise la version Windows 10.
Sous WASAPI ou ASIO le microRendu apparait, en cliquant, le nom de l’appareil (rendu00e0083) passe au bleu mais c’est impossible de cocher. La musique, via Qobuz est bien jouée par le haut parleur de l’ordinateur.

Est-ce que vous utilisez la dernière version du firmware de Sonore pour votre microRendu?

Non, c’est la version v1.3 qui, sur le site de Sonore.us est abandonnée depuis mars 2020.
Serait-ce l’explication ? Faut-il obligatoirement passer à la v1.8 ?

Sonore a fait des modifications pour avoir une meilleur compatibilité avec Audirvana depuis Mars 2020, il serait mieux de passer à la dernière version du firmware.

Carte SD de mise à jour logicielle version 2.8 commandée, je vous tiens au courant dès réception et essai…
Merci pour votre aide.

Hello Bluevelvet and welcome.
I know French well enough to “make it” in France, but also well enough to embarrass myself in front of the French. I am American and “supposedly” related to Jean-Francois Millet, the painter of “The Gleaners”. So, both sides from France, a few generations back.
I want to say that I couldn’t help but to post again after a long spell to tell a very short story and there is a point to this story, if I may indulge here. I’ve been away from music for a while. After 2 recent hurricanes, 2 weeks apart, that reached landfall 12 miles apart in Louisiana, in the town where I live; I had a telling experience with Audirvana. A tree had fallen and crushed part of my home and all but obliterated the city. In haste, afterwards, computers, 2 wi-fi speakers ( previously paired to stereo) had to be moved randomly along with a heap of other home belongings into a room where wetness of following rains could be minimized.
Just for kicks and in a state of relative shock, upon return of electricity and cable internet, I plugged the randomly physically separated wireless speakers into separate wall outlets, grabbed my laptop from under a pile of junk, opened Audirvana, and blindly and accidentally chose the 1967 song, “Feelin’ Groovy”, the Harper’s Bizarre version. After about 20 seconds into the song, my older brothers and I (age 64) looked at each other in amazement at the beauty and open clarity of the song, heard for the 1st time with Audirvana 3.5.44. My point is that Audirvana is very, very easy to use and sounds better than anything I’ve ever heard. The sound from previous massive hi end hard wired stereos pre-Audirvana couldn’t compare to this sound. You will definitely have fun again once you’ve found it. I use only a macOS laptop fully updated and 2 cylindrical 10" tall wi-fi speakers made in Denmark, and all ripped Flac files from redbook CDs. I use x2 mode for 24/88.2khz wireless output to built in very humble 24/96 dacs in Libratone speakers. I’ll never go back to anything else. For me, the long expensive journey for great sound is over. Have fun Bluevelvet.


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