Setting up music server on QNAP NAS

hey everyone,

I’m in the process of overhauling my music library (currently in “Music” aka iTunes), and creating a music server that can handle FLAC’s on my NAS, which I’m then able to access on devices connected to my network and if possible when not at home.

The hardware/devices I’m running are:

iMac 3.8GHz 8-Core Intel Core i7 running Ventura 13.2 (ethernet & wifi)
QNAP TS-453D 4 bay NAS (ethernet)
iPhone 13 Pro iOS 17.4.1 (wifi)
iPad Pro 11" (3rd Gen) iOS 17.4.1 (wifi)
Pioneer VSX-933 AV Receiver (ethernet & wifi)
Apple TV 4K tvOS 17.5.1 (ethernet (wifi turned off))

My current music library is set up through Music/ITunes, and I’ve got Plex (with Plex Pass & PlexAmp) for my visual media, however I’m not finding it sufficient my music collection.
Audirvana is the most appealing option, but with it not being an actual media server, I’m wanting to find out what else I would need to get this up and running.

Firstly, is this possible with Origin? or would I need to have Studio?
What are the better options for a DLNA music server? Serviio? MinimServer?
Can I import my iTunes Media and create a new data base with Audirvana? Or does it just use the iTunes Media?
When adding new music to my collection, can I do it through Audirvana? or via iTunes and then re-sync?
If not able to use Audirvana when not at home, I’ve seen posts where users are running PlexAmp, is this set up with Audirvana as the library or iTunes?

I’m still trying to get my head around all this, so would appreciate any input/suggestions


  1. Audirvāna Origin vs Audirvāna Studio, this depends whether you want streaming service, radios and podcasts in Audirvāna.

  2. Regarding DLNA server, I don’t have the experience around this, I will let other users answering you, sorry.

  3. I recommend you to sync the fodler containing your Muisc in Audirvāna using the option "Add Folder " in the Local/Library section of Audirvāna.

  4. If you add tracks in the folder (and sub-folder) you synced with Audirvāna, the tracks will be automatically added to Audirvāna.

  5. To avoid any trouble, I recommend you to use the folder you synced with Audirvāna and avoid iTunes as much as you can.

I’m not sure to understand the need of having a DLNA music server if you are using Audirvana, unless of course you want to access your music through another app.


Yeah, I am. My AV receiver is connected to my network, so the DLNA server is mainly for that.

OK, that’s pretty clear.
I’m not familiar with the QNAP machines but there is most probably a media server app already installed, that needs to be activated and configured by listing the audio folder on the server.
This is the solution I use with my Syno when I want to use a media server.
Concerning Serviio, mimserver or Plex, I never used them, so I cannot advise on those solutions.

Hi Antoine,

I’ve heard people & companies referring to streaming, when talking about playing music & videos over their home network (non paid services & their own library) whereas I’ve always thought of it as “the paid services” (Spotify, Apple Music etc).
I gather that you’re referring to the latter?
I’ve got a decent digital music library, as well as a substantial vinyl collection, so I don’t use those.

My current music database/folder system (built by iTunes), I’ve set up on my QNAP, so you’re saying that I keep that as it is, and when I add new music I just dump the new folder in there, where the corresponding artist is? Do I not have to import the album via the app, like how I previously have done with iTunes?
When it’s a compilation album, and each track is by multiple artists, does Audirvāna recognise this? I’ve had other apps list each track as an individual album which is frustrating to sort out.
If I decide to go with Origin, do I first install it on my desktop, then install on my NAS?

I’d like to stay away from iTunes as much as possible.
Does Audirvāna have a mobile app in the pipeline at all? I realise it would have to be a scaled down version, but that’s to be expected.


Yes, I am.

You just need to add the music to one of the subfolder of the folder you synced and it will be automatically added to Audirvāna.

Does those tracks will be in the same subfolder?

Better to do this, just to cehck if the app fits your needs :wink:

We do have a Audirvāna Remote app that do (almost) everything you can do on the desktop app. It is available for free on the iOS AppStore and the Google Play Store.

It’s noted that “Studio” has online metadata recovery, is there still access to edit metadata in “Origin”?