Settings for Mac / Dragonfly DAC

I’m not much of a tech guru and I’m looking for the best settings to get the most out of my music:

2020 MacBook Pro
T3 Dragontail to usb Dragonfly Cobalt DAC
3.5mm headphone cable to
Ruark Audio MR1 MkII active speakers
Q Acoustics 3060s active subwoofer

Musical tastes are mainly rock genres ripped or downloaded in 16 Bit WAV format, with an increasing 24 Bit collection.

Please give a few hints on the best settings I should use on the Mac and the Audirvana setup.

Thanks, Mike

Hello @Grzzz,

You will automatically get the proper setting for the Cobalt, the other thing you can try is to enable upsampling the audio output setting (we recommend the setting “Power of 2”)

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