Settings, preferences?

Another big UI nogo is the fact that you open and close the settings panel from the icon. I spent forever looking for certain settings (because of crashes) and there were times when I opened the settings from the icon, didn’t find what I needed, tried clicking on settings in the menu (maybe they are dirrent settings…?), and the settings panel go away. What happened?

What makes it even more confusing is that in the menu they are called “preferences” in the icon hepler they are called “settings”. totally confusing.

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 15.49.19

Only started to work with the new version as a trial .
A lot is pretty confusing _ looks great _ and it responds better than previous versions . but
sorry- generally UI logic all over the place .

A new learning curve ?.

I have always wished to ask one question _ the reasoning/ requirement ? _

AudioOutput / EQ settings and Audio Units / Volume control and settings … all uneditable without " Stopping Playback" -
painful , and very much not a requirement in other software .

now No evident “STOP PLAYBACK” on play menu .
“command .”


That said -
I think I ll deal with the learning curve for a while and see how it goes …


Is there really a button top right which simply toggles the “Audirvana” Logo ???

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That is highly secret function.

Preferences/ Keyboard control / Use keyboard media keys & Use Keyboard volume control keys .
Does not function in any way with Apple Extended Keyboard & Desktop Apple Pro .

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