Hi, newly subscribed to Studio and am looking for tips and pointers regards settings. Am using an aged dell laptop, usb connection to a fiio k5pro ess feeding Meze 99 classics phones. Sounds great tbh but was wondering if there are settings I should be looking at that will improve if there are any, I’ve seen some conversations regarding up sampling etc… but wouldn’t know where to start with that. Any comments welcome even negative just leave alone types

Please paste your debug info here so folks can advise you as best possible… It is found here… Settings → My Account → Help → Debug Info

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I just disable everything except for a big ram buffer, then output through ASIO for supposedly zero software to pass through first, not even just the kernel. That should play the original file the least adultized. Actually, on headphones, I also enable my EQ plugin, but there is the least noticeable footprint as a result of EQ that there ever has been before this way, and it corrects my headphones to not just better than most driver’s defaults…

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