Several issues - buggy program?

“New” user here. I love the sound and appreciate the interface. But in the year or so I have been using the program I’ve experienced several very annoying issues, and I would like to know if this is normal/to be expected, or if I am unlucky.

I’ve had grey unplayable “ghost” tracks in the library referencing files that has been deleted, even after a sync. I’ve had my external DAC disappear after a couple of tracks and not show up again until everything is rebooted (this may be a DAC/computer issue, though). I’ve had all tracks multiplying, where the program references the same file twice resulting in the same track playing twice. And lastly the library is gone and the program will not sync any files from the folder on the external harddrive where the music is stored - nothing appears in the UI.

I have been able to fix all of these problems through reboots, reinstallation of the entire program or by deleting the library file and reestablishing it, but it kinda takes the fun out of using Audirvana and paying a premium for music software when there is this many issues.

Do people in general experience buggy issues? It is not the impression I get from the board. Should I just suck it up or request a refund? Or is there a more stable version in the pipeline?

Thanks in advance for any feedback,
Kind regards.

I don’t think you can request a refund after a year of use.

There are some issue and depending on the features you use you might get better or worse experience. I personally never had any issues. Like with any software the issues will be fixed and other issues will appear. This is just how software works.

I also use Roon in parallel and if you go to their forums you’ll see nothing but misery and complaints. Yet I find it also to be a great system.