Sevral bugs playing qobuz from macbook air to kef ls50w

I am still trying audirvana and I am quite tempted in many aspect but it seems quite bugged sometimes and I can’t figure out what is going on. Up to now I only used it for streaming from qobuz to kef ls50w speakers. The 2 main bugs are

  1. On some albums audinirvana cannot play the next track. I have to manually click on stop and then play at the end of every track…
  2. Randomly, I cannot play anything with audirvana and have to switch to another player like mconnect on my phone because it cannot play more than 10 seconds of a track before loosing connection or something as the playback is jerky.
    Is this common are these problem known and in the process of being resolved?
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Same here, with the same setup, it’s been going on and somehow that bug comes and goes (so to speak) — however, when I upgraded to Audirvana (3.5 I guess), it stopped playing anything. I am hoping there is a quick fix, and using Roon in the meantime.

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