Shanling UA3 DAC / AMP : Media volume control wonky

It seems that after the latest release (or the one before), the volume steps for my Shanling UA3 DAC / AMP are rather “wonky”. I have it set to .1 db steps, but it goes from 0 to 100 (and back) in only three steps using the media keyboard volume control. Also, when using the volume +/- in the directly, it seems to do the same thing. When using the mouse wheel, it jumps from 0 to 100 in one “click”, but does the previously normal steps going from 100 to 0 using the mouse wheel.

It’s been a while since I’ve connected this DAC to my PC as it’s a dongle DAC that I use for my phone, but the volume steps used to work in all use cases I’ve outlined above.

So, nobody has seen this behavior before?

If yo try to use the button on the device itself, how it behaves in Audirvāna ?

Hi @Antoine - Same behavior when using the up/down buttons on the DAC itself. Also noticed that it starts at -∞dB and only goes to 0.0dB in 4 steps when using the [+] icon in the app, with the last 2 being 0.0dB.

These are my volume settings, and let me know if you need anything else:

This is acting like a feed-back loop, where the received Volume control commands are being sent back from the DAC and subsequently fed back into it again from Audirvana… Do you have “Exclusive Access” enabled?

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Yep, and it was working about a month or so ago. It still works fine from my phone with UAPP, just not with Audrivana.

This may be relevant to your scenario…
From the ‘Information’ drop-down in the Audirvana Volume settings window:

It is a priori best to use only one volume at a time. If you enable Audirvāna’s internal volume control, it may be best to leave the volume of your device at its nominal volume, i.e. at the volume where it does not attenuate or increase (= 0 dB). Be careful, however, to remember to turn it down when you leave Audirvāna.

The obvious question:
Is the UA3 firmware up to date?

The Software Volume Control is already at off in his picture above…

I did check to see if there was a new version available and yes, it has the most recent firmware. And, this is hardware volume control, not software in case you’re wondering.

The UA3 was working fine with hardware volume control until recently, so that’s why I’m perplexed.

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Okay… got it…

So, If the volume buttons on the device produce the same behavior as the media-key commands and these key commands are a function of the computer platform OS and unrelated to Audirvana, why would you think Audirvana is causing this behavior? I understand the logical leap to the software update… Audirvana is out of the loop in this regard, because it is not managing the gain/level commands… the computer platform OS is managing the media-key commands and the DAC OS is managing the device’s hardware volume control functions. :thinking:

The controls on the UA3 were working fine on the phone when the issue first started, but I checked again last night and they’ve stopped working, so it appears to be a hardware issue with the UA3. I’m going to try to re-flash the latest firmware on the device to see if it fixes the issue.

Thanks everyone for the attempts to assist! :grinning:

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