Show Audirvana in Mac "Now Playing" Control Center

Hello all
How do we get our Macs to recognize that Audirvana is a media player and have the “now playing” section of control center show the content Audirvana is playing? Seems that the control center shows literally every other source on the face of the earth, except this one.

Thoughts? Help? Suggestions?

Anyone? Devs?
Someone chime in please?

Hi @giantporpoise,

Sorry for the late reply on this subject. I will need to review this with Damien as I don’t know if it will be possible or not to do this.

Any info would be great.
Tell Damien Scot from California says hello!
Really appreciate you getting back.

Not really sure why basically every other form of media would show as now playing in the mac control center, but not Audirvana… strange. Attached is a screen shot of where I’m talking about.

Thanks again. Blessings!

May I know if there is any update on this issue? I am having the same problem.


@Antoine that will be so usefull and practical!!!
I hope it is possible to get it! fingers crossed