Show playlist numbers

I have a lot of iTunes playlist, all in specific order. In iTunes these lists are numbered, so I can find the specific position of a track. Especially handy in playlists with 2-3000 numbers.

I can’t see these numbers in Audirvana. Is it possible to make them visible?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @Rudidepudi, can you make a screenshot of the issue you are talking about?

Hi Damien3,

Would be nice to see the number I put the track on my playlist, next to TITLE/ARTIST/DURATION/ALBUM.


  1. Song to the Siren

  2. Short and Sweet

  3. Bright Horses


This playlist is, as you can see 2354 tracks, all in a specific order.

Thanks, Rudi

Hello @Rudidepudi, thank you for the explanation, we will take a look at it.

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