Shuffle by Album - Revisit

Seeking to keep this request alive as a hopeful new function/feature in either the player directly or from within the remote.

As previously stated, if Foobar can do it I am sure you can did it with your own spin. As things still stand - especially when making use of playlists, we are seemingly still locked into the backend folder structure of our music. Changing criteria around this with the fields provided does not truly make a difference. Liveable but I know it can be so much more.

Registered just to add this feature request. Voting this up. Cheers!

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Registered just to add this feature request. Voting this up. A million times. Cheers.

(actually I’m shocked, for an app aimed at audiophiles, we’re old school and we want to shuffle by album!)

Hi guys,

Just a quick tip for you. You can already do this in a certain way.

Create a smart playlist, but do not put any rules in it like this:

You now need to hit the shuffle button, and You will get a shuffle for all your albums :slight_smile: if you click on the Shuffle icon here:

Won’t that just shuffle every track in your library?
If I read the OP correctly, they would like to shuffle by album, in it’s entirety, with the album tracks playing in order.
If that’s not what was meant, it is what I would like!

You’re right, it won’t effectively shuffle the albums, but only the tracks inside those albums.

What I thought.
So, could shuffle by album be a possibility?

That is exactly what I have been after. Shuffle by Album with tracks within an album played in order. Then onto the next. Unshackled from the confines of the backend folder structure which appears to be how things have been.

Even though this feature exists elsewhere I am Audirvāna for life! There has to be a way without upsetting the apple cart.