Shuffle by album?


You said you might add this to future releases. Very essential for classical music.

Any progress?

Hello @afg1947, we are working on it but we don’t have date for the release of this feature for the moment.


It’s time for me to renew my semi-annual request for a shuttle-by-album feature (JRMC and iTunes have had this for years). Vital for Classical, Jazz, and album Rock… Still in your plans?

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I too have long been hoping for/waiting for this feature. As previously mentioned, if Foobar2000 - along with those mentioned above, can do it I have every faith you lads/lasses can make it happen.

In other music players are people also asking for it. I don’t know why it costs so much to implement a feature that people who have tried it in JRiver or Foobar love.

Should be anytime soon