Shuffle - Play: erratic behavior

Already in version 1.11 existent:
I start playback of a track in an album witch several discs and many tracks. During playback of the 1st track I switch off the shuffle function (shuffle icon is white now). Although AS plays some but not all tracks in shuffle mode.
Listening to classical music is not possible this way.

I just experienced a similar quirk: I have 58 Qobuz tracks in the play queue, first one playing, shuffle is off, 57 remaining tracks to play.

I switch shuffle on and all of a sudden the number of remaining of remaining tracks is limited to 39.

Switching shuffle back off and the correct number (57) is shown again.
Switching shuffle back on shows a new random number (3)


It seems every time shuffle is switched on the number of remaining tracks to play is reduced by a random amount.

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Still hoping for some means for Shuffle by Album to work. A criteria free Smart Playlist did not
work as suggested/hoped.