Shuffle should disengage when switching to a different playlist/album view/etc

I find it annoying when I switch to a different playlist and, because I was using Shuffle on the previous playlist, it applies shuffle to the playlist I have switched to as well.

For example, when I am playing my Top Tracks on Tidal, I sometimes like to use Shuffle to get them in a random order each time I listen. But when I switch back to one of my local playlists, I just want it to play through in order, without shuffling the tracks.

I don’t want shuffle to be engaged on a playlist until I click for it to be engaged, so when switching playlists, Shuffle should be reset to Off.

Nope. You don’t get my vote. I wish there was an option to downvote a feature request.
I want to stay shuffle on until I decide to unshuffle it myself :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t want Audirvana deciding that for me. When this would be implemented there would probably a lot of complaints in this forum like ‘Why is the shuffle turned off constantly and why do I have to enable it every time?’

Also (on a side note) I don’t know any music player (Foobar, Roon, JRiver) who does turn the shuffle off by changing a playlist. Why Audirvana?

Fair enough. It did occur to me that a lot of people would not see it the way I do. I guess I’ll just have to remember to switch it off myself.


No worries. Maybe there are people voting for your request :wink:

Hehe, yes, let’s see! :smile:

Hi @AndyLubke

That’s so interesting, because I’d definately only what Shuffle to apply to my current selection/album/playlist.

I am primarily a classical music listener so it’s usually by Album and Shuffle only instigated in a many-tracked songs or miscellaneous selection.

Maybe a choice to have shuffle “on” until turned off or turned “off” at next album or playlist selection.

I would also think all humans with their pet dogs be allowed at least one holiday to the moon at nominal expense.




Great idea, that would be perfect (though perhaps the devs worry about increasing the complexity of the settings pages).

Hi @bdbtbb

I think that complication is a huge advantage. Although @AndyLubke wants Shuffle on all the time. For me I’ve never used it.

Option to have on permanently or at discretion would not be a difficult switch, I think.


Phil h

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Hi @philipjohnson

I must admit the shuffle in Audirvana is somewhat limited. In most other software there are more shuffle options within playlists (like: shuffle tracks, shuffle albums, shuffle folders etc.). In Audirvana I only see one toggle called ‘Shuffle Play Queue’ which can only be on or off.

I would applaude if Audirvana would implement a more flexible shuffle system (as mentioned above). This would complicate settings to turn shuffle automatically on or off even more.

Imagine this example about imaginary settings:

  • Do not turn off automatically after turning it on
  • Turn off automatically after emptying queue
  • Turn off after changing content of queue
  • Turn off automatically after changing playlist content
  • Turn off automatically after switching to another playlist
  • etc.

A further complication is also that Audirvana does the shuffle only on the play queue and not on a playlist per se convoluting the possible settings even further :joy:

I have seen lots of posts in this forum (and also in other player’s forums) about people complaining about their songs playing in the wrong order (due to mistakenly having shuffle enabled).
Imagine what would happen if settings (like above) would add more confusion?

Since the shuffle icon is always visible (and reachable) near the play buttons and clearly indicates (by color) if it is active or not, it seems (in my humble opinion) a trivial task to manually switch it on or off.

As said: I am all in favour of Audirvana implementing a more flexible shuffle system (like per album, per track etc.), but I am not a fan of turning it off or on automatically.

To be clear I do not want shuffle on all the time. But I meant saying that if I turn it on manually I don’t want it to ‘automagically and confusingly’ turn off all the time.

I know, I know, nerdy first world problems. There are much more important issues in this world to worry about :smiley:

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Off by default is my prefered setting. Hate it when an album is played out of order… goes against all the effort and deliberation the artist went through to present their work in a particular order.


To be clear I do not want shuffle on all the time . But I meant saying that if I turn it on manually I don’t want it to ‘automagically and confusingly’ turn off all the time.

Hi @AndyLubke

That’s what I meant. And it’s a fair view either way. We all have preferences.

The remarkable thing to realise is that there are over Eight Billion preferences in the wirld. Once we understand that we will all live peacefully. Well, Putin, Trump, Johnson (B)… maybe not.

More Sunday morning in Sydney thoughts. (Very cold morning.)


I know, I know… as I said first world problems :wink: The whole world needs a good shuffle at the moment…


Hi @AndyLubke

I think you are saying what I think.

I wonder if in the past the GP felt in middle ages or WWII what I feel… our leaders, are inept and/or corrupt… and therefore feel defeated.

All depressing. So… Let’s listen to music.


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