Signalyst HQplayer Desktop support

First, HQplayer upsampling is amazing but Roon is a lousy Tidal user interface. Roon cannot manage Tidal playlists.

The Audirvana Studio interface is great compared to Roon in this regard, but Studio does not support HQplayer without going through uPnP and HQplayer embedded. Do you plan on adding Hqplayer support directly? i.e. to match Roon?

If not, I will have to continue limping along with the meh UX of Roon. Thanks for making a great product.

PS - how about those keyboard shortcuts while you are at it? :slight_smile: Media keys are okay… but how about Ctrl-K or Ctrl+Arrow? :slight_smile:

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Why? This request does not make sense in the context of Audirvana.
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It would be better than Roon. It will allow us to use our VST plugins with Audirvana (Roon does not support them), while upsampling with HQPlayer.

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Feature requests should be put in the forum section ‘User Voice’. There people can vote for the feature or not.

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I have noticed that Audirvana tends to use standards, and UPnP/DLNA is a standard, however much abused. NAA, the HQPlayer analog to UPnP/DLNA, is not. So that may play into the decision whether or not to support it (though I of course can’t speak for Audirvana).

Just out of curiosity, why is it you’d prefer not to use HQPlayer Embedded and UPnP/DLNA with Audirvana?

One last question (apologies if this seems too intrusive, I don’t mean it to be): Do you have a definite preference for HQPlayer’s upsampling vs. Audirvana’s?

My guess would be that it is not the upsampling, it is those filter choices…

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