Signing in to Audirvāna Studio

Hello folks. This is almost certainly me doing something foolish….

The free version of Audirvāna Studio requires a sign in every 30 mins or something right?

Last night I purchased the full version of Studio and it is still asking me to sign in regularly? I use a Mac Mini with no permanent screen or keyboard and signing in is hard work.

Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong please? I assume it’s not meant to be like this.

Thank you


Hi Matt

There’s no free version and full version.
You got from the start the full-featured commercial version for your trial period. Paying does not change the version that you use, it remains the same.

You did not purchase the software. You subscribed to it.

Hi @Mattiee
MIt is not meant to be like that.

Is it the WiFi shutting down. I think the new AUDIRVĀNA STUDIO needs to be communicating with the server.

Just a thought.



AS can work also off-line. I tried it.

Yes. I believe it can. I just thought it might be the WiFi-on-off-on might be the culprit.

It also may need a day or two to settle in on the server end.


Point taken with regards to the subscription. I also used inaccurate language in my description of the ‘full’ version. I meant the non free trial version.

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