'Similar Artists' feature with Tidal not working

Per title the ‘Browse similar artists’ feature no longer works for me - not sure when this stopped working.
When I press the little graphic the window above the artist opens and says loading - then there is nothing displayed in the window (ie no similar artists list).
This feature works in the Tidal desktop app and Roon.
I tried deleting the Audirvana ‘plist’ file and A+ itself - then reinstalling. Doesn’t fix the problem. Any ideas?
I’m using the latest 3.2.13 version of A+ on a Mac mini running Mojave 10.14.1

Went through and trashed all caches and files relating to Audirvana - still no luck, cannot get get the ‘Similar artists/Influenced by’ lists to appear.
Like I said the dropdown window opens, just nothing in it.
I went back to my old Mac mini, which runs High Sierra 10.13.6 and A+3.2.6 - but this behaves the same as above.

Obviously this is a Tidal feature and something many people would use, can anyone confirm this still works in Audirvana?
If so, can anyone suggest a fix?

I’ve just released 3.2.14 that fixes this issue.
You can use the “Check for updates…” command of the Audirvana Plus menu to get it.

Yep, confirmed working now with 3.2.14. :smiley:
Thanks for the great service Damien!