Sizing of panels

I use Audirvana on my MacMini remotely via Screen Sharing and every time I open Audirvana, I have to reorient all the panels to my preferred sizes. For example, the main panel opens and only shows the song name and I need to expand this to the right to show Artist and Album.

I know this is a first world problem to complain about but it is annoying that the setting isn’t saved.

Hello @Champster, when you screen share your MacMini, do you have this issue only with Audirvana or with other apps?

Hello @Antoine. Thanks for the great software! I tried resizing other apps (iTunes, Tidal, Safari, Mail) and they all held their window sizing after closing and then reopening them. Unfortunately, Audirvana does not. Is that something you can add to your todo list to improve it?

Are you using the latest version of Audirvana? I don’t have this issue on my side, I use 3.5.38

Yes, Sir. 3.5.38 (3568)

I tried on my side with a MacMini to reproduce your behavior but I couldn’t do it, which version of MacOS are you using? Can you record a video of the issue?

I tried taking a video with my iPhone but it appears to be the wrong file type for the forum software and it won’t upload. If I had your email address I could send it directly to you.

Hello @Champster, sorry for the delay, you can send it to

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