Skipping at the end of tracks


Since I have been using Studio directly connected to my DAC over USB, forced into this as my Zen Stream has stopped working after a firmware update :frowning:

I have now got a different issue. Intermittently tracks will skip to the next one, when they have a second or two left to play. This happens with both local and Qobuz albums.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks, Jon.

Sorry your post is unclear, does this occur over USB to the DAC? If so what model of DAC. What file types are being played? ALAC or FLAC?

The DAC is a Burson Audio Conductor 3XP. Audirvāna installed on Mac Mini M2, latest OS. USB connection. Occurs on flac, alac, aiff, wav and streamed files from Qobuz.

The issue is also intermittent, it does not happen on every track.

Zero issues if I use Roon over USB.

Not seen this issue over USB. Did experience this over UPnP myself with rare but unfortunately much loved tracks skipping the last few seconds.

In my case I initially resolved the issue by turning on upampling power of 2 to let Audirvana reprocess the file before sending to the DAC. If you are not upsampling try it to resolve the issue, and if you are upsampling, try turning off.

Eventually because the files that skipped for me were 16 bit 44.1 kHz ALAC files I redownloaded the Albums purchased from Qobuz as FLAC with no further issues. As your issue is not file type dependent then this does not apply obviously.

You should try and capture a log (in my account section of Studio “start log session”) and post or send to Audirvana when you have the issue and also post your debug info as the community may have some setting suggestions relating to buffer size, DAC settings etc etc etc…

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One more thing for diagnosis. Connect the Burson to your mac via bluetooth and then airplay to the DAC from Studio and see if the problem still exists. Just to diagnose whether it is a USB issue or applies to all inputs.

I would also contact Burson support detailing your issue. It works on Roon because Burson test it as part of the Roon Ready programme. I doubt whether they test it with AS. See what they say.

Thanks for the advice. Will look to carry out the troubleshooting tips over the next few days.

Dialling back my upsampling from 768khz to 384khz PCM seems to have stopped the tracks skipping.

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