Small suggestion for next Studio release

When web radio music is streaming, the status pane on My Music > Radios says “Loading…” (see screenshot) which is confusing. It would be helpful if you changed it to “Streaming…”


Hello @TomJ,

Can you explain a little bit more how you get this view with some screenshots?

With previous Audirvana players, it was possible to display PDF files and pictures that are stored in the folder of the album.

I suggest bringing back this feature to Origin.

Still there and working for me…

Are you using Origin or Studio?
In Origin, I don’t have this icon.

Origin as seen in my picture… but local file

maybe you reduce the title bar too much it is shrinked… move your mouse up there to see full blurred space?

maybe just because your screen is small… blurred space is smaller
edit: even smaller mine stay there??

Why you don’t stretch your title space and Artist space to fill your screen?

I understood why it did not appear.
The icon appears, if the artwork is stored together with the tracks.
If the artwork is stored inside the folder of the album in its own folder named “Scans” or “Artwork”, Origin does not see it.

If the album is made of two CDs, you have to put a copy of the artwork inside the folder of each CD.

This is not a very clever implementation of this feature.

It was like that already with 3.5, but I forgot it, because it’s a player that I hate, and I never use.

yes my cover.jpg are put in each folder if more then one CD, same with booklet.pdf :slight_smile:

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Studio, and now Origin, do not recognize the separation charts for multi artists that Music Beainz applies automatically applies to the tags of our tracks.
In this case, Origin considers the two performers of the album as being a single artist.

Thank you Antoine for your reply. This is a screenshot, go to My Music > Radios.
Everything works properly. All I’m suggesting is a change to the status text message, from “Loading…” (which is confusing) to “Streaming…”
cheers, Tom

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