Smart list for songs with no rating

Hi there,

I want to create a smart list to list songs that don’t have a rating. The filter I use is
“Track Rating is less than *”

This doesn’t work with “All criteria are true” nor with “Any criteria is true”. Selecting “No criteria is true” brings up all songs with rating.

It’s the same with the filter “Album Rating is less than *” although I wouldn’t think that this is the correct anyway.

I do have songs without rating. They show up in track view. I can’t think of any other filter to use.


Oh, I found the solution, although I have no idea why Audirvãna made adding and editing smart playlists so painfully complicated. Why are there splitted windows in the filter editor? What is the difference between a filter and a rule? And if there is a difference, why is the rule thing in the filter editor? Why can’t I add a rule from the upper window and first have to add a filter from the bottom window? What do I have to type in the field next to the “Rating” filter to look for four-star songs? Why can’t one just click on the playlist and select “edit”? Sorry to say that, but this whole playlist thing doesn’t make any logical and “natural” sense to me.

Hi @Orchideensuppe,

This way it works:

The rule is to is about defining one or more conditions that songs must meet to be automatically added to this playlist: for example songs added since less than 30 days. The conditions are defined as a rule including a criterion, a rule and a target value. In the example, ‘date added’, ‘less than’ and ‘30d’.

A filter consists in choosing a criterion from the list and defining a value among those present in the selection. This then means you can do filtering over a rule.

Thanks for the pic, it shows what I too did, I have figured it out myself before posting :slight_smile: But that is not my “concern”.

My concern is: I find it way too complicated and cumbersome to create and edit smart filters and there is no reason for this.

This thing is a GUI nightmare. I can not tell nor replicate how I managed to create the playlist.

It could be perfectible, I agree. I made some recommandations to make some change in the playlist editor and especially for the playlist creation but we made decision for the 2.0 update, we can probably work on this for a future update.

This part :point_up_2: for example is perfectible but for the filter and rule section, the way it’s done is probably not helping you understand how it works and we need to think about how to simplify it more.

Sorry @Antoine, if my little outburst seems to be a bit harsh. English is not my first language and I certainly mean no offense and do disrespect to you guys personally and all the work you guys put into Audirvãna!

I guess I have to add some more smart playlists to get to know your ideas behind the integration of it better.