Smart Playlist on Grouping not working

by means of a smart-playlist I use the Grouping-field for combining/selecting files; it is not working i Studio.
I also imported the playlist from 3.5, not working.

Like you, I have noticed that a number of my smart playlists had not migrated well.
I also discovered that some are based on “criterium is” worked when modified to “criterium contains”.

I noticed that too, but using Grouping as a selection, none of the criteria give a result; in 3,5 it does.

Also, I am left a bit uncertain about the difference there is between the “rule” level and the “filter” one. You may want to explore that.

I copied the content of my Grouping-field to the Comment-field and the smart playlist (based on the content of these Comment-fields) shows all the files. So, something is wrong in relation to the Grouping-field…

This bug still persists - same holds true for the genre category. Have there been any updates for a more seamless import of playlists from 3.5?

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