Smart playlist "Recently added" not sorted by date

Hi there
Mac Audirvana 3.5.30
The smart playlist “Recently added” is not sorted by date. Is it possible to do so, because this would be very helpful?

  1. display Tracks instead of Albums in the main area.

  2. If not visible, add the “Date Added” column to the list.

  3. Sort by “Date Added”.

voila! :slight_smile:

There’s also the Sort Criteria section in the Settings panel which applies to your library at large. It would be nice if that were included for each playlist as well. You have options.

Thank you @robcee: your first idea helps.

I was thinking of individual sorting criteria for every playlist, that work also in album view.
For the last added playlist a automatic script would be most helpfull: sorting automatically by date added.

agreed! it would be lovely, especially considering my solution in the first reply is temporary, if you navigate away from your playlist view it resets.