Smart Playlist with File location on windows 10

On windows 10 I have 2 questions/issues :

1-in the library i’m not able to select several albums then drag and drop them to an empty playlist, I hvae to add every album one by one, and I have more than 100 albums :slight_smile:

2-I wanted to create a smart playlist to add all the albums (folders) I have in a parent folder, when I select file location and the name of the parent folder it doesn’t work.


1- Drag and Drop is not supported by this software, the smart playlist is the good approach :wink:

2-) I did it this way and it works :

it worked well with a folder that contains 3 folders (albums)
but it didn’t work with a folder and many sub-folders :frowning:audi_OK audi_KO

lana del rey was OK
_PERSO was KO (folder Original Soundtrack has sub-folders)

I know how to proceed, I’ve made some changes in the folders and now it works !

pas vraiment intuitif !!! et dommage de ne pas avoir le drag and drop, il me semblait que ça fonctionnait dans la version MacOS