Smart playlist

How do I set up smart playlist to include items added since a particular date?

Take a quick look a the Recently Added playlist criteria. I think you will find your way forward from there.

I see no recently added……

Create a Smart Playlist and, at least with this example, start with the Added Date field:

Expand/Re-examine as needed until you have what you want.

Thanks, I tried that… must have inadvertently put something else in… working now! User error as usual.

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Been there : )

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Now the other part to my question, can I, instead of ‘added since x days’ make a filter ‘added since - date -?

Not as direct as you might like using a date but you should be able to either calculate a single number representing that particular date or add an additional statement to the criteria, and all of the built-in options therein, to setup a range rule. As before, fiddle with the settings until you hopefully get what you want.

I understand how it could be done, but adding days to each playlist would be ridiculously complex in order to make a list for each month.

Do you have Smart Playlists for all of your playlists? I made that move just over a year ago. Have not looked back nor regretted doing what was needed to get it done. Just a thought if nothing else.

The only playlist I really want is for my recently added albums, I have decided. I can’t think of any other criteria that would be of any particular benefit.