SMH...Audirvāna Studio testing woes

  1. after I search for a song in Qobuz or Tidal, it will not play. If I go to the Qobuz or Tidal page in Studio, those songs will play. This does not happen in 3.5.
  2. we need the remote app out ASAP. The Studio trial should not have even started until the remote was out and working.

Did you even try to have a group of actual beta testers? If we are testers, turn off the trial period until some of these bugs are fixed. I like the sound of 3.5 and Studio when it works better than Roon, but it really needs fixed. Also, please make the remote look better than the old remote…


That’s odd. If I search for a song and select a Qobuz one it plays straight away. (AS 1.3 Windows version).