So what are you doing in the end?

  • I like AS and will exclusively use it
  • I will stick with 3.5, thanks
  • I am fed up - going to Roon
  • I am fed up - going to (another solution)
  • Not sure - the jury is still out
  • I like AS and will use it together with other solutions (3.5, Roon, Foobar, etc.)

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I took a subscription on AS for a year (I got the discount because I also own 3.5). I want to give it the benefit of the doubt.
Until now it was not very usable (on Windows, I don’t use a Mac), but I just installed 1.4.5 So far so good, fingers crossed.

I also use Foobar2000, have a subscription on Roon and have Audirvana 3.5. To be honest I still use Foobar (free) the most.

We will see how the cookie crumbles.

Having both a Windows laptop and a MacBook Air my experience so far with AS was a mixed bag. Terrible with Windows, but very good with macOS.

Now after upgrading both to 1.4.5 my Windows laptop is now busy with analyzing audio files. It never got past 15% in the past with AS ending up freezing. Now it’s 75% done and still going, without crashing so far.

If the Windows version ends up as stable as the Mac version then AS will be my exclusive music program. I’ve already subbed for a year with the 3.5 discount.

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I’m still undecided at this point but will continue to use 3.5 (as long as it works) along with Foobar or TuneBrowser, while keeping an eye on this forum to see how often updates happen and what problems they fix.

Essentially, all of the longstanding and unresolved bugs I encountered with 3.5 have been inherited by AS, along with the latter application introducing a number of new issues that have been extensively detailed in the Feedback thread.

I do like the what AS offers in terms of the UI and HD analysis. But I need to see better support before I consider a subscription.

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In the end ???
“And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make”
Audirvana gives me 10 years of musical pleasure. I think I can forgive that bad Studio launch and have confidence in Damien. So I took a one year subscription this afternoon and I am ok to support bugs fixes with constructive remarks and reports.
have a good night guys!


I won’t even try Studio until the remote is ready.

In all likelihood I will stick with 3.5.

I’ve owned Audirvana for years. I was happy with it until version 3 came along. There was something in the new sound that was grating on my ears like sandpaper. I even wrote to Damien about it, but he disagreed. Not sure that Audirvana was fully to blame or whether it was a combination of things, including my audio system and my aging ears (both of which evolved over the years). Thank goodness Audirvana Studio is here, I’m back to loving the sound of music.

EDIT: I realized I did not properly answer the question of ‘So what are you doing in the end?’ I will probably be in my late 90’s on my death bed, listening to Audirvana Studio version 666 and waiting for the grim reaper to arrive and take me to Roon, :wink:


I did not mean to vote on this I accidentally touched my vote on 3.5. Is there anyway I can remove my vote

Use the Show Votes button and you can change your mind.
But your instinct was not bad :wink:

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