Software volume control doesn't work

I am on trial, and at the beginning it worked fine. It still does, both local and Qobuz,from my iMac to old wired B&O speakers though Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt. But it stopped working wireless to a Beosound Edge: in that case the software volume control doesn’t work at all (it’s gray not purple as it should), no playback. Is it a bug or what is the solution?

In fact when I use Upnp, the playback keep stopped. Sorry to be sometimes imprecise, I am discovering the program (which btw has many bugs but with great sound quality), and English is not my first language. Anyway if someone could help me I’d be very happy. Otherwise I will by Roon, with a fantastic interface, but it maybe doesn’t sound as good.

Solved! I just unplugged the Edge to reboot it! Now it works… Hopefully for ever!