[Solved] Audirvāna Studio permanently keeping exclusivity to Marantz AVR via upnp/DLNA

If you’re going to run a UPnP bridge between the playback software and the receiver, you might just as well do it with Audirvana. There are multiple distros that are supported quite well (Volumio, Ropieee XL, …).

Have you considered connecting the receiver using HDMI cable?

Thanks @bitracer. I’m going to give a try to Volumio and Ropieee XL.

HDMI is not a good option for me. I prefer upnp/dlna because it is more comfortable and user friendly on my AVR. Via upnp/dlna I can wake up my AVR from stand-by mode and automatically switch the input to online music directly from Audirvana app on my smartphone.
With HDMI I need to switch-on and select the input on AVR via the Marantz app.

There is no option in Volumio to connect to AVR via upnp

Nope, the idea is to use USB to connect to the receiver form the RPi.

Ok. I don’t want solution like that.

Minimserver works great with Denon and Marantz (Heos). Even DSD (native) can be sent to the receiver, which neither Audirvana nor Roon can do.

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Minimserver insted of Audirvana? Or as a component between Audirvana and AVR to solve the upnp/dlna incompatibility of these two?

I can send native DSD up to 11.2MHz to my receiver via Audirvana. I was quite impressed by this. I get Peckem’s pain. I also find the wireless UPnP of Audirvana a key feature for me. What he is describing is an issue that distract from enjoying the music. You end up working the system and it can be tiring. But I agree, your test with mConnect points to Audivana persisting with requests and the AVR reacting to those requests.


Thanks @Oznes.

And for sure AS is sending subscription to AVR each time I try to change the input on AVR (to TV for example)
I analyzed the communication on network level with Wireshark software:
4215 2021-05-22 17:09:11.050869 (AS) (AVR) HTTP 201 SUBSCRIBE /RenderingControl/evt HTTP/1.1
SUBSCRIBE /RenderingControl/evt HTTP/1.1\r\n
[Expert Info (Chat/Sequence): SUBSCRIBE /RenderingControl/evt HTTP/1.1\r\n]
Request Method: SUBSCRIBE
Request URI: /RenderingControl/evt
Request Version: HTTP/1.1
NT: upnp:event\r\n
TIMEOUT: Second-1801\r\n
[Full request URI:]

What receiver do you have?

Marantz SR6009

Just to explain. RoopUPNP is a very useful plugin to Roon. It is running on RPI and from one side it is a RAAT endpoint and from the other side it streams to upnp of the AVR. So no USB, HDMI, optical nor COAX cables required.

I know, but I’m not aware of any solution that can do UPnP to UPnP.

Right now, I am using Onkyo TX-RZ830. But I also used a Yamaha RX-V2067 (old trusty) and it worked with DSD64 native. For the car I use USB Audio Player Pro - also there, you just press play and listen.

Sorry of course, but your receiver only supports DSD up to 2.8 MHz. And I dare to assume that Audirvana transmits audio signal to PCM. P.S. Sorry, I asked another person for the receiver model … Try minimserver, you will be pleasantly surprised …

Hello, thank you for your input. My problem is not related to DSD. I have a problem that AS is permanently keeping upnp connection to my AVR and I cannot switch the AVR to another input (TV fore example).

I’m installing the Minimserver on RPI right now. But I assume that there will be no MQA support. So still not the solution I want

For Tidal, you can use the BubbleUPnP app (on your phone) or the bubbleupnp server (on your PC)

BubbleUPnP has no app for iPhone. But whatever, I would preferably use Audirvana :slight_smile: and I want to solve my issues. This is why I put here my findings. Lets handle that as a fact. I would like to have solved my issue with upnp connection to my Marantz SR6009 AVR from AS :slight_smile: