SOLVED: Deauthorize a Mac I no longer have

I bought a brand new 2018 MBP, wiped and sold a 2013 Mac Pro that had Audirvana + on it, and then slid my older 2015 MBP into duties here at home with a fresh install of everything. Buuuut, apparently before I wiped out the Mac Pro I didn’t think about deauthorizing Audirvana +. So now I can’t run the program on both my home MBP and the newer everyday MBP that travels with me. Audirvana thinks that it’s still installed with my key on one or both of the other machines, which it isn’t. I know I can’t use the program simultaneously on both machines, but I don’t do that…I just want the option to listen at home again without dragging out my new MBP and setting it on top of the old one next to the HiFi. Am I screwed here?

EDIT: Contaced Audirvana via email and they were able to remove all of my machines from the license database.