-SOLVED- Ghost playlists while music(mac) database to audirvana sync

Hi , i’m a long time modest audirvana user .
i buy the last 3.5 v since i’ve got a mac book air M1 chip .
i really enjoy the new version .

i use the “music” app database to sync ( 2nd method ) it with audivarna .
The idea is to apply automatically the music app changes to audirvana ?

all is good except 3 exactly similar “recently add” and 3 exactly similar empty “playlist” that i can’t delete … also if in music app it doesn’t appear :slight_smile:

i’ve delete old audirvana files as i read in older topics
i’ve tried to delete old itunes files ( i just keeped the itunes Music folder )

Maybe my method is not correct ?
I’ve seen some people resolve it by using the direct link to the itunes Music folder but with this method it doesn’t sync automatically ?

Thx for reading & sorry for my bad english speaking , D.R.!

Bonjour @RDA,

Avec la seconde méthode de synchronisation vous devez synchroniser avec la seconde méthode à chaque modifications dans Music. Si vous synchronisez directement avec la première méthode vous n’aurez plus besoin de iTunes, toutes vos pistes serons dans Audirvana et les nouveaux fichiers seront ajoutés automatiquement.

Parfait , MERCI pour le retour concis et votre réactivité !
tout fonctionne :+1: