[SOLVED] Issue using the legacy iTunes integrated mode with Catalina

Catalina Downloaded today and latest Audirvana version loaded too.

Audirvana is dead.

Any ideas ???

Thanks for reporting this. Now I know I need to wait a bit before upgrading.

OK-Despite the newer ‘compatible’ version of Audirvana, preferences still show the (now old)
iTunes legacy mode despite it now not working as iTunes’ is now ‘Music’ in Catalina.

Playback now only possible using the Audirvana interface if you’ve upgraded to Catalina.

As I download from Quobuz I’m not sure how/where my downloads will now go - will have a look.

Just to confirm that Qobuz downloads end up in ‘Music’ (ex iTunes) OK in Catalina.

You still sync using ‘method 2’ in audirvana - the dialog says it’s sycing to iTunes but that’s OK.
The old ‘virtual digital transport graphic’ is now dead for Catalina users so all interactions for playback are through Audirvana’s interface ONLY as you have no choice.

Hope that helps.

Your title is missleading a bit, since it is with iTunes or Music that you have trouble…

Catalina since beta 1 works perfect with Audirvana… and today after a fresh install of 10.15 and restore my MacMini data, still all is perfect… I don’t use iTunes or Music and don’t stream if it helps also.

Remote with 10.15 is also like it was… still waiting for the new interface on iPhone :slight_smile:

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Perhaps I should have been more clear. My bad.
I was using Audirvana with iTunes - under Mojave. (Best of both worlds)
When opening the newest version of Audirvana under Catalina the set up I had was dead. (Virtual Digital Transport Graphic was on screen but did not function.)

Discovered that this feature died with’ iTunes’ . The replacement ‘Music app’ means you need to uncheck the iTunes (legacy) feature in settings and run Audirvana with it’s own interface only.

I’m finding that it’s simpler to do fine detail changes to metadata and track length edits in “Music” first then re-syc to Audirvana.

I’ve just checked again booting on Catalina, and there is no issue at all using the legacy iTunes (now Music) integrated mode.
What is your precise issue?
BTW, do you have your local files audio library in Music, and can play it from Music?

Just tried again and the ‘integrated mode’ does nothing for me. The “Virtual Digital Transport” graphic is there but is dead on AV 3.5.21 with Catalina 10.15. Local files in iTunes/Music all play OK.
It’s not a problem for me, I’m learning to use Audirvana for most operations and am playing from there now instead. Just the odd bit of housekeeping is easier in “Music” followed by a sync, using method 2,
to pull them into AV.

p.s Anyone who had ratings using half-stars (like me) in iTunes can get them back in “Music” using:-

defaults write com.apple.Music allow-half-stars -bool TRUE

in Terminal.

Although Audirvana does not recognise ‘half-star’ ratings a syched playlist using them in iTunes/Music does collect the correct tracks for AV but displays the star ratings incorrectly, so don’t bother displaying them.

As a footnote I downloaded the AV update 3.5.21 for Catalina first, BEFORE I updated to Catalina so that may have made a difference ?

I’m seeing an issue with Catalina and Music as well. While Audirvana is set to iTunes Integrated Mode and opens Music at start up, playing a song in Music doesn’t play through Audirvana – no change in Audirvana’s interface shows, but the audio stream does play through Music.

Sounds like the same thing. The graphic ‘digital player’ does not function.

I’ve given up on it and dropped out of integrated mode and just use the AV interface, as after synching
from ‘music’ all your playlists are there ready to go anyway.
Note that if you select a playlist from the sidebar you need to also select one of the tracks in the displayed list to get it to run and load the remaining tracks into memory.
(ie don’t just hit the main play arrow at the bottom as it will run the PREVIOUS playlist selection despite the new one showing in the main screen. Kick the new playlist off from within the new playlist then you will get what you were expecting)

Damien, if I may …

Catalina 10.15, iMac Retina 5K 2017 (1TB SSD), Audirvana 3.5.21

The processing of iTunes/Music , whether through Method 1 or Method 2 is OK (clicking on “Library” shows you this), but you get the impression nothing happens because you do not see your playlists in the lateral bar .

Once again, congratulations for your brilliant work !

(I mean it, I this is a minor issue, I have no doubts you will clear it)

I have found your issue: Audirvana has not the authorization in Catalina System Preferences to control Music.

To grant this authorization:

  1. Click on "Open System Preferences”
  2. This opens the Systems Preferences at the Privacy page
  3. Find and select “Automation” in the list on the left
  4. Find and select “Audirvana” in the list
  5. Check the check box below it

Or you can simply update to the just released Audirvana 3.5.22 that adds a popup message to tell to do this, and opens Systems Preferences at the right page. So that you just have to click on “Audirvana” in the Systems Preferences page, to grant the needed authorization.

@jazznick: The library mode is what gives the best sonic results. So switching to it is a good idea :smile:

The iTunes/Music playlists appear in the folder “iTunes” or “Music” in the left bar. This folder may be collapsed. In this case, just click on the little arrow left of its name to expand it.

Just updated the update to 3.5.22 and got the pop up.

When I open the list Airfoil is there with a tick box
but Audirvana is there but with NO tick-box to tick !!??

Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 13.56.24

Just so you can see what I’m getting.

(sorry, Damien, I cannot see any iTunes/Music Folder as such (probably gross mistake on my side …)

Further to my iTunes/Music (legacy) issue that has been unresolved by your method on 3.5.22
as the screenshot on this thread shows.
Additionally it should be noted that while using the AV interface (legacy unticked) any tracks that have been edited in iTunes do not play for the full remaining play time through AV .